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In accounting, we identify and record only those business transactions which are financial in nature. Accounting transactions must have their monetary value. The worth of the transaction must be measured in terms of money. In all the accounting records, we have amount column showing rupees and paise. There is never any accounting record in metres, litres, kilograms and quintals. We evaluate the value of the commodities in terms of money and accordingly record them in the books of accounts. Recording transactions in monetary tenns makes the information more meaningful. For example, statement that the business was started with Rs. 50,000 cash and 20,000 metres of silk is meaningless and fails to tell us the capital of the business. If the value of 20,000 metres of silk is estimated to be Rs. 5,00,000, we can safely say that the business was started with Rs. 50,000 + 5,00,000 = 5,50,000, which will be meaningful.

The concept of money measurement is not free from problems when we integrate the financial statements of an entity having operations in more than one nation.