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Adjustments/ Additional Information in preparation of Final Accounts

Business is going concern. It has to be carried on indefinitely. We cannot wait indefinitely for the assessment of the performance of the business, so we distribute the life of the business in equal and uniform periods, generally a year. At the end of every accounting year, we prepare Trading and profit and loss account and measure the performance of business in terms of Gross profit and Net profit. We also prepare a Balance sheet at the end of the year to assess the value of assets and liabilities.

While preparing Final accounts at the end of every accounting period, we come across certain problems. The expenses of the current year are still payable or the expenses of the next year have been paid during the current year. Sometimes, income of the current year remains still receivable and the income of the next year has been received during the current year. Depreciation on assets, interest on capital and provision for bad and doubtful debts of the current year has not been recorded in the books as yet. We are required to adjust these amounts in the final accounts of the current year so that the correct profit or loss of the business may be ascertained. We will have to pass adjusting journal entries for all these items, errors and omissions, not yet recorded in the books. These items do not appear in the Trial balance. They are adjusted at two places in the final accounts.