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Accounting Homework Help

Accounting is a subject that is depended on every step which we have been doing through. Any single mistake can hamper the entire books of financial accounts. Journal entry is the first step of the accounting preparation and with the help of journal entry and that help in making ledger accounts. Ledger accounts then help in making trial balance i.e. balance that checks the arithmetical accuracy of the books of accounts. Final accounts are made by the help of trail balance and therefore it is one of the important factors while preparing the final accounts. Trading account records all the trading activities while profit and loss account is prepared by keeping in mind all the other revenue and expenses, profit or loss i.e. the end result is then transferred to the balance sheet under the retained earnings. Finally trial balance is made by keeping into account all the assets and liabilities by deducting bad debts from debtors and depreciation from the assets. We at help students in Accounting Homework Help as we have experts from all over the globe having expertise in the subject. Accounting Homework is thus the service which we give to the student at a very low and affordable price because we know students can’t afford high price. According to the great accounting expert’s accounts is a subject that needs regular practise as this is subject which is prepared by all the company as they need to prepare the books of accounts for their investors. Companies prepare books of accounts in order to keep confidence in the company by showing all the assets and liabilities, income and gains along with all the expenses and losses. These all accounts are keeping into accounts before preparing all the accounting statements. Let’s look into example of Journal Entry. Rent of 10,000 paid in cash. Here two accounts are affected rent and cash.

Rent A/c Dr

    To Cash A/c

(Being rent paid in cash).

This is a typical kind of journal entry followed by the narration i.e. brief details of the accounts that are effect in this case cash and rent account are impacted.